Habit 12: Living a purposeful and goal directed day so you can be positively productive and find meaning in your daily tasks Because we’re motivated hard working people, we want to achieve a happy and successful life. But sometimes this feels a bit vague or illusive and we need to plan and achieve that life […]

How to Live With Meaning and Joy in the Current Day

Mental health, Motivation and goals, Purposeful Living

Habit 8: Practicing health Have you reached a milestone age yet? Say 40, 50 or 60 and asked questions about your life and achievements? Questions like have I achieved my goals? where did my dreams go? Or what were my dreams again? what do I want to see happen in five years? ten years? or […]

This Habit Keeps you Happy for Years to Come (and Three Ways to Succeed)

Mental health

Happiness Habit 5: Living generously and how this benefits you and others Would you like to become happier and grow your reputation at work and home? There’s a simple and free way to head in this direction. How do you feel when someone does a nice thing for you? For example, a colleague helps you […]

This habit boosts your reputation (and makes you healthier, happier and nicer to be around)

Family life, Happiness, Purposeful Living

Habit 4: forgiveness for daily happiness and a peaceful mind Do you recall a time someone hurt or offended you? Maybe you’re going through this right now, or there’s a hurt that’s been with you from way back. We need people for joy and friendship, but ironically people cause the most pain. In my life, […]

What to do when someone offends or hurts you (so you can be happy in your position of strength )

Happy Thinking

I’m currently working on a book about habits for happiness at home and work. This book is for women in professional careers, balancing home and work tasks. Keep a look out as this will be available for free download when finalised. For now, I am writing a series of 12 short articles introducing the habits. […]

12 Weeks to happiness: small things you can fit in to your work and home schedule that bring joy and peace


Because being unwell doesn’t have to mean feeling undone and overwhelmed. Together, let’s turn your experiences into epiphanies that give you hope on the hard days and meaning on Mondays.

I provide a safe, supportive space for women with health conditions and chronic pain to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace deeper self-compassion, self-care and self-love.





Pitch your tent, grab a drink and meet us by the campfire as we catch up on what it means to explore the wilderness of our wellness challenges.

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