Explore and enlighten the emotional landscapes of your mental wellbeing or physical health challenges to pursue your best self and best life - naturally.

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counselling programs to support your healing journey

… Uh-huh. It isn’t easy. and at the same time, there's hope...

You're not stuck and i'm here to help. But, yep, facing emotional pain or living with a chronic health condition, chronic pain or ongoing stress is definitely not easy! 

Counselling to support your journey.

are you facing a stressful life situation? chronic pain?, a CHRONIC health condition? or wanting to boost your mental health?

And the challenges you’re facing? Like …

Holding off on the goals and dreams you care so deeply about (because you feel like achieving them right now is next to impossible).

Forcing a smile on the hard days (when hope has all but disappeared).

Longing to adventure outdoors and get active (but feeling limited and let down by your physical condition).

Worrying about what the future holds (while grieving the loss of your past level of functioning or identity).

Nervously navigating relationships (that are changing faster than the seasons around you).

Maintaining a sense of meaning and purpose (when your self-care has slipped and you’re struggling to give yourself the comfort and care you deserve).

Managing the pain, discomfort and challenges you’re facing (and feeling like your emotions are last on the list of concerns).

Balancing the ongoing demands of work and family life (and feeling like you're sinking under the weight of responsibilities and tasks)

counselling supports YOUR journey to living well, getting well, and staying well in your mental health and living to your potential. 

In counselling we travel together with hope towards what matters most to you

Because the truth is that emotional or physical stress, mess and struggles are a challenging part of being human. Sometimes it rains pain and pours problems, and even the best of life’s paths will have muddy bumps in the road. 

When pain strains your stress or your mental health feels like it's holding you back, I’m here to remind you that support is available. Counselling at Minutes to Happy provides a supportive and confidential path towards hope, healing, and purpose in your life. 

Throughout your counselling program we explore what's difficult and find ways to boost your health, grow your hope, amplify your strengths, and reach for your goals, even in the pain you're facing. 

A unique guided  counselling process that promotes your health through the highs and lows of life’s journeys, counselling programs are designed to enable deeper self-expression, self-care and personal growth in the face of your wellbeing challenges.

As you journey through counselling you'll:

Build a vision for your future and create an action plan for emotional wellbeing that feels balanced, realistic and motivating.

Explore your emotions with therapeutic counselling tools.

Set positive, practical goals to build a life that inspires and empowers you.

Grow your confidence by rediscovering your strengths.

Foster more peace, purpose and balanced productivity.

Nurture greater resilience, hope and purpose in your daily life.

An onboarding questionnaire so I can easily collect your intake information while giving you the space to set goals and express your vision for our journey together.

A 20-minute initial phone call scheduled at the beginning your program. This isn’t a counselling session. Instead, it’s a chance for us to get to know each other while taking the time to explore how counselling will work for you and answer any questions or worries you might have.

Session 1 each week: Your individualised counselling session. With each session, we work together towards greater self-awareness while understanding, developing, and evolving your self-care plan so it grows with you. Note: Telehealth face to face has been shown in research to be as effective, and more convenient than face to face in person. 

Session 2 each week: Enjoyable time-friendly psychological exercises and text chat with Gab delivered via our secure app. Grounded in evidence-based therapy modalities like positive psychology, CBT and ACT therapy, these personalised exercises build on your email sessions and complement your self-care plan to guide you closer to your therapy goals.

A weekly journaling prompt based on your current challenges and designed to deepen your self-discovery to enhance self-reflection, self-care and self-love.

Enlightening educational handouts related to the challenges you're facing and support you to make positive changes. 

You’ll receive:

INSIDe  counselling programs

If there’s ever a convenient place to get car sick, I’m adding “in front of a forest arboretum” to the list. Our family was travelling overseas to Lake Arrowhead in California when the curves of the road became a little too much, and as we paused on the side of the road, we realised the special opportunity we’d been gifted with.

We bought a map and spent half an hour on a treasure hunt, journeying through the forest to spot each tree on the map. Step by step, I felt the tension from our busy travels slowly seep out as the fresh air, pines, woodpeckers and other Californian birds worked its magic and persuaded us to slow down and enjoy the moment. It was nature therapy at its finest.
Backed by research, this experience formed the inspiration for the Forest Journey as a metaphor for finding adventure, hope, simplicity and joy even in the middle of pain and challenges.


Download the Counselling Trail Guide  explaining what to expect from your counselling program, including fees, outcomes and commitments. 


Counselling fees: 3 options
1. Single session fee $165 or $150 per session with 4 week block.
2. 2 sessions per week at $125 per session ($250 per week) 
3. Single counselling week: Intake session + 2 counselling sessions $320. 



My passion is to help you grow self-awareness and gain clarity on your feelings, while exploring your challenges and ways to boost your well-being. Email counselling is a great way to empower this experience as it enables interpersonal therapeutic writing and time to clarify your thoughts and feelings. But I also offer telehealth video link options 

Why text sessions too?


Programs are face to face via secure video link and in app text sessions. I also offer walk and talk outdoor sessions in the Blue Mountains. Video is proven to be as effective as in person. 

Is this program completely virtual? Are there any face-to-face elements? 


No problem!  The therapy modality I deliver is from acceptance and commitment therapy and derived also from nature therapy principles. Both use lots of imagery and metaphors to grow emotional wellbeing. You can immerse yourself in the imagery of your exercises but, also, a cup of tea in the garden and watching the leaves move in the breeze is a mindful practice. 

What if I don’t have a forest nearby?


1. 12 week program/ 2 sessions per week at $250 per week (pay in blocks/Payment plans available).
6 week program/ 2 sessions per week at $250 per week "The Hike program". (same payment plan)
2. Single session counselling $165 per session.
3. Breakthrough therapy week (Assess + 2 sessions $320). 

What are your payment terms?


A journal or notebook and a pen. Beyond that, you’ll only need to hook up to the app required and that’s free and super easy. This is a third-party secure app (your data is safe and confidential), devised by a reputable psychology company designed for counsellors and their clients. 

Do I need any supplies/equipment before I sign up?


Single counselling sessions are non-refundable and payable before session to secure your place and pay for counselling provided. 
Installment payments in Hike and Forest Journey programs non-refundable but you can leave your program any time before the next payment installment. 

Do you offer refunds?


Absolutely! I provide mental health counselling for women only who have general life challenges as well such as life stress and the normal human condition of anxieties, relationship challenges, mood changes and difficult thoughts. I do have limited spaces available, but the intake questionnaire will assess the fit of my services to your needs.

I don’t have a chronic health condition – can I still join?


You’ll need to devote approximately 60 minutes max per week to our journey together. I recommend spending 30 mins to 1 hour writing your email (where you’ll express your feelings, challenges and what you want to improve in your life). When I write my therapy response, I will reflect on your situation, ask questions, and suggest ideas for you to reflect on in the coming week. Then you will need about a half hour to complete your in-app psychological exercises.

How much time will I need to set aside each week to complete the program?


Absolutely. The technology I use is secure and designed for privacy. 

Are my emails and app therapy confidential and secure?


Via our clever app, you’ll have the ability to text me (up to three times) each week between our email sessions. 

Can I contact you between email sessions?


As this counselling is so individual, I don’t guarantee any certain outcome. However, when you engage in the process, you’re likely to notice gradual growth in your well being and sense of purpose as you take action through therapy.
Counselling is a therapeutic relationship where we work together to understand your challenges and explore your feelings. I also help you set goals that are meaningful to you and then guide you on taking action on your journey through doable simple steps. I am at heart a person-centred counsellor which means I see you as the expert in your life with unique strengths and abilities to live to your potential with hope and resilience. This requires your commitment to the journey process.

Can you guarantee any outcomes?


There can be. I accept a small number of clients per program, and limited single sessions at $150 per session, so it’s always a good idea to book early to avoid a long wait. Any questions about the programs and what to choose? Contact me at gab@minutestohappy.com

Is there a waiting list?


Counsellors and psychologists both undertake regulated education and training. Both careers have professional accreditation bodies and are respected in the community for the mental health support they provide.
Counselling is a positive, self-development journey. We listen and provide support for your goals. Counsellors don't diagnose mental illness but do help with mild to moderate symptoms of mental distress such as anxiety or depression.
Counsellors like me often use a person-centred approach to help with the normal ups and downs of life and managing stress or lifestyle issues. We also work from other therapy modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy and positive psychology interventions.
If counselling feels right for you, check out the Trail Guide, which explains what I offer at Minutes to Happy.
Meanwhile, psychologists perform diagnosis and assessment. Their focus is on helping people with more severe mental health difficulties. Psychologists also offer partial Medicare rebates for a certain number of sessions. Counsellors can refer clients to psychologists, based on their level of need.
If you’re suffering from severe distress, major depressive symptoms or are suicidal, it’s best to see your GP and a psychologist. Call lifeline for immediate help in a crisis on 131114 or check out their website for text chat support at https://www.lifeline.org.au

How is a counsellor different to a psychologist (and how can I choose which one suits me best)?


The Forest Journey has been mindfully designed as a 12-week program to support your commitment and progress. When you sense progress, it grows your motivation to persist with the journey (which means better results for you!). The six week hike offers a shorter commitment and focuses on a single area of concern that we can work with together. 

Why the program format for counselling?


Yes I do: $150 per session or  $280 per therapy week. (2 session format). To learn more, please email me at gab@minutestohappy.com and ask for the "program info and fees guide" to help you make a choice. This will show my programs and single session offerings. Single sessions are limited spaces as I block clients into my calendar for their ongoing programs. 

Do you offer single counselling sessions?


Once you’ve downloaded the Forest Journey Trail Guide, you can go ahead and complete a booking request by reaching out to me via my contact form. 

How do I book in?



Pitch your tent, grab a drink and meet us by the campfire as we catch up on what it means to explore the wilderness of our wellness challenges.

When you join, you’ll receive the Campfire self-care ebook for free. Then each month you’ll get a love letter and exclusive field notes on living with hope, resilience and purpose.

A free e-journey and mental fitness program for women wandering the wilds of their health and life challenges

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