Happiness Habit 5: Living generously and how this benefits you and others Would you like to become happier and grow your reputation at work and home? There’s a simple and free way to head in this direction. How do you feel when someone does a nice thing for you? For example, a colleague helps you […]

This habit boosts your reputation (and makes you healthier, happier and nicer to be around)

Family life, Happiness, Purposeful Living

Habit 4: forgiveness for daily happiness and a peaceful mind Do you recall a time someone hurt or offended you? Maybe you’re going through this right now, or there’s a hurt that’s been with you from way back. We need people for joy and friendship, but ironically people cause the most pain. In my life, […]

What to do when someone offends or hurts you (so you can be happy in your position of strength )

Happy Thinking

Happiness Habit 3: Using springboard thinking to recover from fear and worry. When you face a setback, what happens in your thoughts? Where does your mind go? For most of us, our first thoughts aren’t happy or positive. This is normal after failure, rejection, or criticism. When something bad happens to me, i’ve learned feeling […]

How to recover faster after a setback or bad news

Happy Thinking

Want to find a way to boost your happiness on a hard day? Think about what you are thinking about. Your thoughts initiate how and what you choose. Happy thoughts grow powerful choices. The choices you make create your future. To be happier on a hard day, we need to think well so we can […]

3 Ways to Stay Happy on a Hard day

Happy Thinking

Foundation Habit 3: Living strong [a quick guide to finding your strengths and knowing how to use them to stay resilient] NB: This article forms part of a series on habits for happiness to help you live your best life. The initial 3 habits are foundations for a happy life and set the framework for […]

How to be happy and peaceful, even during stress

Purposeful Living

Foundation habit 2: Pursue self-acceptance. NB: This article forms part of a series about habits for happiness to help you live your best life. The initial three habits focus on foundation habits of happy living. These set the framework for 12 habits of happiness. last week, I wrote about self-compassion, which is an action we […]

How self-acceptance makes you happier and grows your success

Happiness, Happy Thinking

Foundation Habit 1: Activate self-compassion NB: This article forms part of a series about habits for happiness and living your best life. The initial articles focus on three foundation habits to set the framework for 12 habits to follow. When we make a mistake, we fear this damages our success in life or work. Whether […]

How to stay happy and press on with your goals, even when you make a mistake [and how to manage self- criticism]

Happiness, Happy Thinking

I’m currently working on a book about habits for happiness at home and work. This book is for women in professional careers, balancing home and work tasks. Keep a look out as this will be available for free download when finalised. For now, I am writing a series of 12 short articles introducing the habits. […]

12 Weeks to happiness: small things you can fit in to your work and home schedule that bring joy and peace


Purpose in life matters A life with purpose is a happier life. Positive psychology looks at what how people flourish and asks what makes life worth living. One answer is a life of meaning and purpose leads to greater happiness. But how does purpose relate to a happy fulfilled life? And how can we develop […]

Purpose and happiness: Why it matters and how to find it

Purposeful Living

Because being unwell doesn’t have to mean feeling undone and overwhelmed. Together, let’s turn your experiences into epiphanies that give you hope on the hard days and meaning on Mondays.

I provide a safe, supportive space for women with health conditions and chronic pain to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace deeper self-compassion, self-care and self-love.





Pitch your tent, grab a drink and meet us by the campfire as we catch up on what it means to explore the wilderness of our wellness challenges.

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