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Welcome to the Happiness Notebook: Your weekly encouragement with tips to help you live to your best, with less stress and overwhelm. The happiness notebook is s quick guide with ideas to help you build solutions to common problems or challenges we all face as busy professionals, so we can live our preferred and best […]

Feeling Rushed and Pressured? 3 Ideas for Coping with Tasks and Overwhelm


Have you ever asked yourself “why am I hard on myself but not so hard on other people?” Here are two facts that seem to contradict but coexist: You’ve achieved a lot in a successful career and life Sometimes you doubt yourself Because you’re a high achiever, it’s hard to accept self doubt as a […]

4 Ways to Improve the Way You See Yourself: What Appears Fixed is Changeable

Happy Thinking

Habit 7: using your personal responsibility as the path to living with optimism and joy. What would it be like to dream again? To believe you can achieve goals that inspire you? How would it feel to set a goal you believe you can achieve, even in the midst of your responsibilities at home and […]

How to believe in your goals again (a mindset shift to live with optimism)

Purposeful Living, Work and Productivity

Happiness Habit 3: Using springboard thinking to recover from fear and worry. When you face a setback, what happens in your thoughts? Where does your mind go? For most of us, our first thoughts aren’t happy or positive. This is normal after failure, rejection, or criticism. When something bad happens to me, i’ve learned feeling […]

How to recover faster after a setback or bad news

Happy Thinking

Want to find a way to boost your happiness on a hard day? Think about what you are thinking about. Your thoughts initiate how and what you choose. Happy thoughts grow powerful choices. The choices you make create your future. To be happier on a hard day, we need to think well so we can […]

3 Ways to Stay Happy on a Hard day

Happy Thinking

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Your limitation—it's only your imagination. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Sometimes later becomes never. Great things never come from comfort zones.

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