Welcome to the Happiness Notebook: Your weekly encouragement with tips to help you live to your best, with less stress and overwhelm. The happiness notebook is s quick guide with ideas to help you build solutions to common problems or challenges we all face as busy professionals, so we can live our preferred and best […]

Feeling Rushed and Pressured? 3 Ideas for Coping with Tasks and Overwhelm

Purposeful Living, Self care

Imagine this fictional story… Janet is conscientious, which produces some anxiety. She studies hard and takes on a job with many responsibilities and, at times, becomes stressed from the long hours and expectations. She thinks this is because she’s an anxious person, however, using her conscientiousness, she starts an exercise program in the outdoors which […]

Feel Happier by Using 3 Self-awareness Strategies

Mental health

Have you ever asked yourself “why am I hard on myself but not so hard on other people?” Here are two facts that seem to contradict but coexist: You’ve achieved a lot in a successful career and life Sometimes you doubt yourself Because you’re a high achiever, it’s hard to accept self doubt as a […]

4 Ways to Improve the Way You See Yourself: What Appears Fixed is Changeable

Mental health, Resilience and Purpose

Habit 2: Using a sequence of thinking to manage setbacks and walk on with confidence We all want to be successful in the tasks we carry out but this aspiration is at times hindered by setbacks or roadblocks and is frustrating to our happiness. We need thoughts that help us stay strong and live with […]

3 Thoughts to Help you Stay Strong and Live with Confidence

Motivation and goals, Resilience and Purpose

Habit 10: living with confident and realistic self knowledge What is a trait that gives you optimism and helps you to set and achieve your goals with a calmness and hope? Confidence. Most of us like to be confident and it’s an admirable trait for goal achievement, self esteem, and better relationships. But in our […]

To grow your Best Life, See Confidence in a New Way

Mental health, Resilience and Purpose

Foundation habit 2: Pursue self-acceptance. NB: This article forms part of a series about habits for happiness to help you live your best life. The initial three habits focus on foundation habits of happy living. These set the framework for 12 habits of happiness. last week, I wrote about self-compassion, which is an action we […]

How self-acceptance makes you happier and grows your success

Happiness, Happy Thinking

Because being unwell doesn’t have to mean feeling undone and overwhelmed. Together, let’s turn your experiences into epiphanies that give you hope on the hard days and meaning on Mondays.

I provide a safe, supportive space for women with health conditions and chronic pain to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace deeper self-compassion, self-care and self-love.





Pitch your tent, grab a drink and meet us by the campfire as we catch up on what it means to explore the wilderness of our wellness challenges.

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