What is the map of self? Your life map includes 8 parts of self. We all have them, even if we’re not aware of them. When you become aware of your whole self there are several benefits. Here are four to get started: When one facet is under stress, you can look to the other […]

Your Map of Self

Motivation and goals

Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions without the motivation to pursue your daily tasks, let alone your dreams or goals? It’s extra hard when you’re in pain or feeling unwell. But there’s a way to travel your journey with a peaceful balanced approach to motivation. In the field notes this week […]

Has your motivation gone MIA? Read this

Motivation and goals

I love to read so I thought I’d share some of my favourite books for supporting your mental health. Some of these are specific to mental health and others are self-development or inspirational guides. In my counselling practice I use therapeutic principles from nature, so I’ve added three nature books at the end to grow […]

Go to Books for Supporting your Mental Health

Wellbeing Word

Feeling stuck? Let’s ask questions to pull our feet out of the mud. Asking yourself reflective questions is powerful for building awareness of your feelings and making positive changes towards the life you want. This is extra important when you’re battling pain and problems. The questions below help to grow your confidence from the past, […]

9 Questions to Ask when you’re Feeling Stuck

Purposeful Living

Welcome to the Happiness Notebook: Your weekly encouragement with tips to help you live to your best, with less stress and overwhelm. The happiness notebook is s quick guide with ideas to help you build solutions to common problems or challenges we all face as busy professionals, so we can live our preferred and best […]

Feeling Rushed and Pressured? 3 Ideas for Coping with Tasks and Overwhelm

Purposeful Living, Self care

Wellbeing word of the week: Gratitude You probably hear about gratitude often when it comes to being happy and living the best life you can. But being grateful starts to sound unrealistic when you’re going through something hard. it’s even even harder to muster gratitude if the hard time goes on for months or even […]

What Thankfulness Really Means

Mental health

Join me on a 12 month journey to designing and building your best life without stress and overwhelm Today’s article is an introduction to the next 12 months of life success together. In this article I explain three things: Why we start with a base layer thats easily missed when we think of designing our […]

Life Design: Using the Best Life Pyramid for Designing and Succeeding in the Life you Want

Motivation and goals, Resilience and Purpose

I’m sure you already know self-care is important for your health, but self care also propels your success in achieving your dreams, goals, and outcomes at work. Like the starter motor in a car, we all need to care for ourselves to get success moving and keep it in momentum. Advancements start small and grow […]

6 Less Obvious Self Care Skills to Boost Success in your Dreams, Goals, and Work.

Motivation and goals, Self care

Imagine this fictional story… Janet is conscientious, which produces some anxiety. She studies hard and takes on a job with many responsibilities and, at times, becomes stressed from the long hours and expectations. She thinks this is because she’s an anxious person, however, using her conscientiousness, she starts an exercise program in the outdoors which […]

Feel Happier by Using 3 Self-awareness Strategies

Mental health

Because being unwell doesn’t have to mean feeling undone and overwhelmed. Together, let’s turn your experiences into epiphanies that give you hope on the hard days and meaning on Mondays.

I provide a safe, supportive space for women with health conditions and chronic pain to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace deeper self-compassion, self-care and self-love.





Pitch your tent, grab a drink and meet us by the campfire as we catch up on what it means to explore the wilderness of our wellness challenges.

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